The Complete Service

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If you want to ensure your hot tub is kept in pristine condition, we recommend a clean service on an annual basis.

Unlike other providers, we add a personal touch to the service and ensure your hot tub is as clean as possible,
for example: the Hot Tub cover is fully cleaned and conditioned, the headrests are cleaned and conditioned, the Cabinet is cleaned and polished & the jets are cleaned, vacuumed and polished.
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Sunset Spas offer a hot tub routine service From just £199.
When booking a service with us, we will carry out the following (subject to the relevant access)
1. Add pipe and system cleaning sanitiser, this removes any deposits from the system.
2. We will check for any visable leaks.
3. The Filter(s) are removed and cleaned
4. The hot tub is then fully drained.
5. We then vacuum the filter housing and Jets, to remove any excess water.
6. Clean Hot Tub shell with an appropriate cleaner
7. The Hot Tub headrests are removed if possible and cleaned
8. The hot tub shell is then buffed, to remove any minor marks 
9. The Air Controllers/divertors are cleaned.
10. The Hot Tub is then refilled with fresh water, and then powered back up.
11. We then bleed the Hot Tub pumps if needed.
12. We will operate The air controllers to check their operation 
13. If the headrests have previously been removed, they are then refitted.
14. The Hot Tub cover is then cleaned using a suitable product
15. The water chemistry is then rebalanced and levels are checked.
16. The aromatherapy system is then checked (if applicable)
17. The Hot Tub panels are cleaned fixings checked
18. We will then operate each component on the spa to ensure is operating.
19. The Cover Lifter (if fitted) Is checked for correct operation
20. If any issues are discovered, the customer is then informed, we currently don't offer a repair service, so you would need to use an alternative repairer

We carry out our routine services in Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wareham, Weymouth, Swanage, Blandford, Wimborne & most of Dorset