Hot Tub FAQS

Hot Tub FAQ's

How do you fill the hot tub?

We fill the hot tub using a standard garden hose.

How does the hot tub heat up?

the water circulates around the hot tub via the pump and is moved through the heater tube which heats the water up via an element, our hot tubs are fitted with programmable control systems, which are energy efficient and only heat the spa when needed.

How long does it take to reach heat up?

Approximately 24 hours initially, then the heater cuts in and tops the temperature up when needed, so your hot tub is always ready for use.

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

It costs from around 50p a day to run our hot tubs, exact cost varies on each model.

What kind of base do I need to put the hot tub on?

Hot tubs can be sited on a number of different base types, including; Concrete, Decking, Patio, Tiled Floor, Grass (this must be flat and level)

How much space will I need?

The size of the hot tub as the base, plus any extra space required for accessories etc, its always good to leave enough room to have full access to all sides of the hot tub, if you have opted for a cover lifter as an accessory, you will need at least 24 inches to where the cover is folding.

What kind of Special electrics does my hot tub need?

some of our hot tubs run at 13 amps (which is the same as a standard plug socket), but most of the larger hot tubs require 16 or 20 amp supply, please check with us if you are unsure.

Does the Hot Tub need to be plugged in all the time

Yes, this is the most efficient and economical way of running the hot tub as it keeps the temperature to the set level, it also ensures the water is being run through the filter and the special 2 way ozone system.

How do we check the water quality?

We provide the necessary chemicals as a starter pack and instruct you how to use them, we also have a 24hour helpline should you ever need any help.

Do we need Plumbing?

Nope, Just a standard hose pipe and the relevent electric supply

If I have a operation question, can you help me after purchase?

Yes of course, you can contact us by phone, email or visit our showroom

Do your Hot Tubs have any specially designed jets?

Yes, Artesian spas offer some of the most advanced jets on th market, please contact us for more information.